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Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions a person, or persons can make in their lifetime.  Information is vital when deciding to submit an offer on a property you wish to purchase. Salvatore will assist you in navigating the buying process from start to finish once you decide to place an offer to purchase a Watauga Lake home for sale or a piece of Watauga Lake land for sale. He will advise you regarding inspections and the various contingencies that can be a part of the proposal. He can also provide you with contact information for local lenders if you wish. Having an approximate idea of what your monthly mortgage payment will  allow you to choose a home in a price point that you can afford.  You will find a quick mortgage calculator on this page which will help you estimate your monthly mortgage payment now in respect to the term of the loan, interest rate and the loan amount.   Please be advised that this is simply a tool and can only serve as a guideline.  Your bank or mortgage company will provide you with details specific to your loan and your situation. Please keep in mind that property taxes and property insurance are often added in and amortized with your loan amount which will affect the total monthly payment amount.